Pre-war racing

Well where do I start, this is my first attempt at a blogging thing to keep family and friends up to date with Richard and my racing events.  After winning in Portugal last year we  failed to finish this year after breaking the car in practice. (see race report for Portugal 2010 under  Motor Racing legends)

Palimuary diagnosis is a cracked block or head, which unfortunatly didn’t manifest itself , but with hignsight probaly happened at Angouleme the month before after a confrontation with the hairpin wall at the end of the straight.  Although there was minimal damage it did shock the chassis a bit, but we continued maintaining our position and finished on the podium.

This year looks good with a new event underway with Motor Racing Legends at the Donnington Historic Festival. Duncan and his team has introduced a new category, touring cars, unfortunatly we don’t have one eligible .. yet.  But we will hold our end up in the Pre-War section, all being well.

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