No-one wants to play any more

No-one wants to play anymore!

A report from the fringes of motorsport:  by the well known scribbler for The Acrington Spoke Benders Association… THE RIGHT HON. BINKLEY BUTTER-SKEW

In the absence of the impressive Alvis speed 25 which is undergoing major engine work Rowland Racing’s John Paul Mason propelled Chris Guests’ Cooper T21 around a very wet practice session  at the 9th Grand Prix de Bressuire in June this year, showing a clean set of rear Dunlops to all comers – the Sunday qualifying and afternoon races were mostly dry and again the little Cooper was untouchable.  As at the Goodwood Revival earlier in September the car was running the smaller 1250 engine to its usual 1500 but JP was able to keep it on cam and out of the hay bales, entertaining the crowds with its nimble handling.

Michael Loreille in his Supercharged MG, Julian Eckersley in his Bugatti Brescia and JP in the Cooper played to the crowds by dicing together lap after lap changing places whilst all the time lapping a field of slower cars, adding to the spectacle – until JP decided enough was enough and got his head down.

With practice on the Saturday, qualifying on the Sunday morning and the longer Races in the afternoon (after a lovely long lunch, very French) prize-giving been reserved for the end of the day so the racing was back to back.

Like many events in France to avoid the complicated, expensive involvement of official governing, the racing at the Historic Grand Prix de Bressuire is classified as a demonstration race event with no official times being posted, with the exception of a unique scoring system known only to the acting Clark of the Course, where performance and positions are observed.  When the allotted time has passed, a flag is waved in the general direction of the winner, not necessarily the first one past the flag – it has been known to be the driver demonstrating a driving style in keeping with the event, but by en-large the first one past the flag gets a pat on the back.  The spirit of the event is none the less competitive and ever present.


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  1. Faustine says:

    Lovely picture and report – looking forword to watching you race again!!!

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