Back from blighty now, with a new addition to the track day stable, Richard’s old Evo7, it wheezed its way back to our base in France, dropping a valve and half its exhaust on route, shame it was going quite well for a bit. Oh well one more for the rebuild queue. Shetland weather really sorts the wheat from the chaff.

Any who, some good news regarding the Alvis head, turned out to be a porous combustion chamber. Thankfully after a few passes through the vats at Ultraseal in Slough, we saw the pressure testing needle holding fast.

The radiator is currently undergoing modifications and repairs at Allisport after the contra-taunt with the wall at Angouleme. With the mods all done, we can finally fit the blower, yippee (all being well)

Now to put it all back together before Donnington.

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